Ice Fishing Baits

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Metallic Fake Fishing Lure Bass Bait Lifelike Fish Shape Treble Hook

3D eye design Excellent visual effect lure Lifelike and fast action in water ...

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1.1g Fake Fishing Lures Colorful Tadpole Shape Single Hook with Barb

Colorful body can attract fish effectively Single hook with barb Perfect for ice fishing ...

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Dual Treble Hooks Artificial Fishing Lure 3D Eyes Bright Color Fishing Bait

Create smooth swimming action Dual heavy duty treble hooks Bright color can attract your prey effectively ...

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Lifelike Artificial Fishing Lure 3D Eyes Bright Color Surface Fishing Tackle

Perfect tool for surface fishing High quality artificial lure with 3D eyes Create lifelike swimming action in water ...

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9cm Lifelike Fishing Lure Super Soft Fish Shaped Bait 4 Color Options

Vivid fish shaped bait Perfect for fishing Super soft design ...

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Electronic LED Fishing Lure Low Energy Consumption Fishing Tackle in 3 Colors

Vivid bass bait Electronic LED light Shine under water Automatically off out of water Utility and long-lasting usage time ...

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