Unnatural-Great Summer Bait?

“Of course, in the summer I fish always only small! Because the breed is on the go!” It’s a theory, that certainly applies to many predators. But what’s with the “big mouth”…
… off? Focuses of the Pike in the summer on Kleinstfisch?

Unnatural-Great Summer Bait
In the past lacked to fish me confidence with big baits: 1 many bug bites! 2. much too strenuous! 3. higher cost factor! 4. tailor risk!

So it went mostly with plugs to 15 cm above the water. I did also no difference between the seasons.Meanwhile, I have me enough fish to small Pike and finally found the courage to large baits. But what about in the summer? We can leave the big bait at home or should we fish right now with huge plugs and lures?
I am of the opinion that in summer as in winter the Pike are just slow and be also similar to fish should be. Large Pike are known not for their long chases behind a small fish. Of course, a lady grabs a small lures even after when the removal is favorable. Is much too rare. Large bait, however, are classified as worthwhile and attacked from several meters. If we make these big booty look particularly sick and posted, the odds still to a lot. For great, easy prey is welcome especially in the summer, because the Pike at water temperatures above 20 ° C have anything else in mind than effort. And since small 10 x more effort means as 1 x, it is obvious, selche bait we should choose.
But what is small and big begins where? There, every angler probably has other ideas! For me, the boundary has shifted between small and large in recent times a lot. 5 years ago I would have not even bought yet a 20 cm Wobbler, now this size belongs rather to the “middle class”. Big bait for me are: rubber fish by 23 cm, lure more than 25 cm, Riesentwister up to 30 cm! After the spring phase of the Pike are still aggressive and attacking everything, I begin with the fishing these lures, I could determine that the water becomes warmer, the bait should be greater. A little help: water temperature minimum bait length =
Who “Fear” of such lures, especially the frequent bug bites, which should be one make it clear: big bait are attacked by small Pike, this causes but rarely to the landing of fish, a large Pike, however, know by his life experience as you must attack the prey, not to lose it.
If you could cheat a beautiful summer Pike with a big bait, don’t forget please that he is even more beautiful in a few years! catch & release!
Report by Christoph Cichy.