Tench Fishing in Autumn

In the autumn (September, October), when the weed and water lily fields evolve back, have the tench fewer hiding places. The food supply will be greatly reduced and the opportunities now to catch fat tench are very large. Now one must proceed tactically and with one…

Tench Fishing in Autumn
Feeding odorous blend the MOSS. Tip bait for tench, to toil in large lumps of compost manure worms, corn, and maggots (also potato pieces) in the Palm of a hand and throws him into the water.

Who the tench long to knappern out to pick individual animals from the clumps and are not as easily tired of it. That makes for more hunger and then comes the hook bait. The dark color of the compost is not visible, but for good-fresheners in clear waters at the bottom and with light food, the shy tench would behave very suspicious. You can fish with on mixed compost with the spiral of food at a great distance, if not exactly fishing. Fishing Proposal to the length: 0.15-0.20 mm to 1 m, fishing with the spiral up to approx. 30 cm for good scent emission.
Tench fact sheet
Size tench: 20 to 70 cm
Old tench: up to 20 years
Source: Ponds, lakes and slowly flowing rivers in Germany and Europe
The tench can be fried or cooked in whole or prepared as a fillet. In the Mangold coat the fish taste very aromatic. The name comes from tench of the mucus layer on the skin, which protects the fish from infections and fungi.