Effective Artificial Baits From the Shore

Unquestionably fishing with artificial baits is one of the most used techniques in the whole world by the sport fishermen.

Effective Artificial Baits From the Shore

That is why more and more are made of artificial sizes of different sizes, colors, designs, with much more advanced technology, often achieving captures from the shores, which 20 years ago did not pass through our mind this favorable situation. Today I want to tell you a little about artificial baits, which I believe are more effective when you make your sets from the shore.

I think to capture live bait for example .., the so-called sabikis are the most effective for this mode today; Composed of a main line with several small anzuelites, covered by “sparkles” of bright colors, become irresistible for baits like sardines, jurelitos, chicharros, civilitos, small agujones, etc .; In my humble opinion of the most effective to capture your live bait.

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On the other hand, the size of your artificial ones to fish from the edges in the sea for example, should not surpass the 8cm, and bigger it is necessary to be embarked for an optimal performance of the same ones; Personally I almost always use rapalas of about 5cm on the beaches, and the truth is that the results have been very satisfactory, managing to catch the same fish 2 or 3lb … or already a little older, between 10 or 15lb. However when I speak of SWEET water, I always like to use rapalitas between 3 and 5cm in length, they are a THREAT literally for the fajonas species of the lakes, as much as trouts, tents, tilapias, sofies, etc; That is without mentioning the legendary artificial earthworm, which is DIVINE when capturing trout of more than 3lb refers.

THE SPOONS accompanied by the PLUMILLAS are very fashionable too, and undoubtedly produce good catching effects from the shores of the beaches. In this specific case, the speed with which you collect the teaspoon is what will determine the effectiveness of your catch, it is important that you have a flexible reed and a FAST reel to notice an optimal performance of this type of artificial bait.

Artificial Baits

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Now … if efficiency is involved … the so-called YELLOW FEATHERS with RED HEAD are a WONDERFUL in design to make excellent captures of cushions from the edges; Is artificial for something in particular attracts greatly to cushions, jureles, and civilians of good size; I recommend that you always put at least 2 or 3 pens in the same line, because very often these species move in numerous groups.

Lastly, I do not want to finish without mentioning JIGS, but specifically those with CHICHARROS morphology, which are half silver and blue… WAO WAO WAO, do not stress the potential of this artificial bait for fish like the PICUA above all, although some that Another cuba or jiguagua, you could also capture

Well my friend … I hope the article does not read in vain, but act as soon as possible, trying to get some of these artificial baits that I mentioned so that you begin to take your first steps in spinning with artificial from the banks. I am sure that once you capture the first shad or sea bass with some artificial, you will not want to use another technique other than this one that I mentioned, and it is that without lying… the adrenaline in the body is going to TRIPLE Of the indescribable emotion you feel when you nail the hook.Remember to leave me the comments and doubts that arise, I am at your command to help you begin in the art of fishing.