Catch Giant Pike in the Open Water

The large Pike are mostly located in lakes, you can jump with a towed bait on the scales. So a fat Pike once…to keep in the arms is the dream of every predatory fish anglers. This is all possible and must be tackled properly only to the start of the season. Important it is to select the waters on the big Pike hunt well. In the small Club Lakes, where Pike in their life have seen many bait, they are difficult to outwit.

Catch Giant Pike in the Open Water
This is quite different in Great Lakes, which should have at least a surface of 50 ha. The number of anglers is already lower the lakes and the Pike have a large food supply of fish to hunt to grow. There are such large Pike waters in all federal States in Germany, where you can fish its meter Pike with security.

The most Northern Pike are caught with the seating of band edges, perch mountains and reed beds, but are only robbers with mediocrity. The right fat free water Pike are in the middle of the Lake, claiming no fixed pitches. These predators pull the large shoals of Roach and whitefish afterwards where they feed on in the surface and mean sea level. Because one needs find the white fish now is with the sonar and then it pops up in the rods.
A good favorite to catch giant Pike is the imported fish, with which you can search large areas of water. This works well with a rowing boat and individual strokes. The motto in the open water big bait large Pike. The Pike can better locate a big bait fish and also see. A great Köfi for towing large Pike can be offered quite with a length of about 25 cm, which he can easily put in his big mouth.

Pike Fishing Bait
T-bar mounting with bait fish Pike
The Assembly is simple but effective: on the 35 main cord stopper, glass bead, pose rubber bead, lead, and again a rubber bead come one after the other. The whole thing is stopped by a snap hook is hooked into the steel leader. The load-bearing capacity of the pose should be approximately 30 g down may gliding towing not on the cord. Otherwise the tow depth would change. You can use normal running poses with an eye. Which will fit a silicone hose over the cord guide on the lower antenna pushed. The pose can be fix by pulling the hose slightly over the eye for trolling. A Pike bite is the hose slips back again and the pose running freely on the cord.
For towing, a rod is selected by about 3 meters with strong backbone, with a casting weight of around 80 g. The bait is dragged about 20 or 30 meters behind the boat. Often come the bites of the predatory fish in deep waters between 3 and 10 metres. Three of a kind is attached at the bait fish close to the head, the second a piece behind the dorsal fin. A faster attack is possible with this type of attachment. A giant Pike is greedy and the waiting time for the first time should be not more than 30 seconds. The hook is not, then it was not the dream Pike, but only a smaller fellow also.